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About Us

Why did we start selling CBD?

There’s just two of us…

Firstly we are friends, who also happen to be neighbours and having been brought even closer together during the chaos of 2020, we are now business partners.

Last year, over countless cups of tea, along with most of the country, we discussed the tidal wave of uncertainty and anxiety that was being bestowed upon us by the Covid virus.

Those we cared most for, our partners, our boys, our mums and our mum friends, were all struggling in their own way to adapt to the new and what was meant to be short term situation. What became clear to us early on is that our friends were looking for remedies to help them and their families cope with the worry and anxiety of not seeing their loved ones, and the impact lock down life was having on THEIR lives.

We wanted to help and so, as mums ourselves, experiencing all the highs and lows, stresses and strains of family life, we spent many days and even more nights sourcing the very best CBD available to create our products. We have tried and tested our CBD products on our extended family, getting input from them, not only about the quality, but everything from the taste to the packaging we’ve put them in. Even our family dogs have had an input on the CBD for pets and have happily ‘woofed’ them down.

We love our products, we know they work and we hope once you’ve tried them you too will become mums who love CBD.

CBD not G&T

So how do we deal with the feeling of being the overworked and under-appreciated mum? How do we unwind?

Well, when dinner is over and the dishwasher is loaded and the stories have been read, when we finally feel that we have some free time or me time. we’ll quite often reach for a well earned glass of wine or a G&T to enjoy with the nightly dose of Netflix, that’s the norm right? It has been for us too.

But a much easier, healthier way to relax naturally is with CBD. With none of the psychoactive effects of cannabis and the guarantee of no hangover the following morning.

“We’ve seen how CBD can make a real difference to the health and harmony of your family…”

Spreading the word

We’ve become almost evangelical about our premium CBD products. We know from our own experience that they can help teens stressed out by social media, or overtired husbands get straight off to sleep. Our meaty treats can even calm an anxious dog! But perhaps more importantly, CBD can help you to help all of them, while still taking care of yourself.

It’s important for us to change the misconceptions about CBD and make this natural supplement available in a simple and fuss free way. Helping you to buy premium CBD products at affordable prices with friendly advice on hand when needed. That’s why we started Mums Love CBD.