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Looking for a really meaty and tasty way to give all the wonderful benefits of CBD? Then look no further than Mums Love CBD's beloved Meaty CBD Treats! Popular in households up and down the country, these meaty, savoury CBD snacks are our best sellers!

They are sure to hit all the right spots while providing the best quality ingredients that you expect from all the Mums Love CBD products. With 100% natural ingredients such as broad spectrum hemp derived CBD, wheat bran, chicken, meat stock and minerals; these CBD treats provide a low daily dose of our premium CBD and natural nutrition in every pouch. In addition to that, all of Mums Love CBD's delicious meaty CBD treats are expertly crafted without the use of any nasties - no pesticides, chemicals or GMO's - giving you peace of mind when it comes to well-being.

What's more is that our yummy meaty CBD treats come in convenient packaging so you can take them with you wherever you go – perfect for your daily walks! So don't wait – grab a bag of meaty CBD treats today and get ready to be followed everywhere.

Happiness in a pouch - for good CBD lovers only!



28 reviews for Meaty CBD Treats

  1. Nic & Wally

    I bought these for my Cockerpoo after a number of wasted and costly trips to the vets trying to get him some relief from his itchy skin. Wally has been having one of these a day and I can’t believe how much difference they have made to his skin in such a short time. No more awful steroid injections!

  2. Gill

    We have seen an improvement with our dog Bella who suffers with separation anxiety. We give her a treat a short time before we leave the home and she is much more settled now. Thank you!

  3. Rob

    I’ve given these as gifts to friends and their dogs love these! My dog also thinks these are delicious! This is a great way to treat your best friend .

  4. Betsi-bear the Cockapoo

    I couldn’t wait for my Mummy to open the packet!! I love these treaties……………Mummy gives me one when she’s popping to the shops……they calm me and stop me ‘singing’ whilst she’s out!! Thanks very much…..Mums Love CBD xx

  5. John (verified owner)

    I was sceptical about CBD and the benefits for dogs but I am so pleased to say they’ve had the desired effect and my dog is settling much better when we leave the house or leave her with other people.

  6. Nicki

    Bought these on recommendation from my dog groomer,as I’ve tried pretty much everything to prevent my youngest dog to stop ‘patrolling’ the window,screaming and barking every time the slightest thing went past,and within the space of around 10 days the difference was markedly visible – Mickey’s a much more relaxed little dog,and actually seems happier in himself as a result,esp as I’m not fighting with him to get him to take meds…… he literally races to me at just the sound of the cupboard door opening and the rustle of the packet – definitely recommended.

  7. Sue (verified owner)

    I’m blown away by the difference these have made to my small nervous doggie. I’m not sure we could be without them now. Walks are far more enjoyable and he’s more settled at home. And many thanks for the helpful advice ladies.

  8. Andy (verified owner)

    My old girl Jess a retriever, is finally a bit more settled as she’d started to get anxious and pace quite a lot. There’s been a big improvement. Really pleased. Thanks

  9. Emily

    My dog Hank absolutely loves these! Highly recommend, especially if you’re looking to trial CBD with your pet before ordering the oil!

  10. Marianne

    These were an absolute godsend this past week with the fireworks. A few treats had a lovely calming affect. Thank you for your advice

  11. Sharon (verified owner)

    I brought these after reading that they help with separation anxiety, have been giving them
    To my French Bulldog Reggie and he seems much more settled when we leave
    Him. Also I have been giving them
    To my mini dachshund who has had spinal surgery and suffers with “off” days but these seem to help him also

  12. Hannah (verified owner)

    Started a journey on these with my golden retriever – excitable and anxious and doesn’t quite know how to contain himself. Found these to be very helpful and relaxing him in exciting environments, noticed a difference in 2 weeks. Will be carrying on the journey. My other Goldie also gets these just as a health benefit. Would so recommend

  13. Ed (verified owner)

    These have really helped to settle and calm my excitable sprocker down. Such a great product, I wish I’d known about them sooner

  14. Matthew M (verified owner)

    A noticeable difference with our spaniel. She’s now calm and focused when out walking. We definitely recommend

  15. liz.livesley (verified owner)

    Daisy, 16, was having a tough time with both dementia and arthritis and was taking a number of perscribed meds. She wasnt eating, sleeping well, she was depressed, her fur was falling out and it looked like we were reaching the end. Finally she was also refusing her meds and in desperation we ordered some MumsLoveCBD Meaty Treats – more in hope than expectation. 6 weeks on our girl is steadly putting on weigth, sleeping better and is demanding to go on (short) walks. Oh and her fur is not falling out! She no longer takes perscription meds and the Vet whilst puzzled is delighted – as are we! I really cannot recomment this product highly enough! Thank you

  16. Michael (verified owner)

    These dog treats have made a noticeable difference to our yappy terrier. I was sceptical but he’s definitely less bothered about noises that would previously have started him off.

  17. Gilli (verified owner)

    I have been using the dog treats to support my little old dog. As he has entered his elder years he has often spent the evenings pacing, getting a little confused and anxious. These treats helped settle him in the evenings.
    During the last week of his life I gave them to him, keeping him relax and calm.
    I am so thankful for the benefits of them and will continue to use on my younger dog.

  18. Rosie and Monty

    My dog is quite reactive on the lead, I give him a couple of these before a walk and they have worked, literally, ‘a treat’.
    He is noticeably calmer and walking him is that much more enjoyable now. I’d recommend these to all dog owners.

  19. Maria (verified owner)

    Our spaniel Reggie really enjoys the treats and theres been a really positive change with him. He is less reactive to other dogs, less nervous and more chilled. We are going off on a touring holiday soon so I’ve just stocked up with 4 bags!

  20. Kirsty (verified owner)

    I bought these for my Jack Russell and she loves them.

  21. Joy (verified owner)

    I discovered these dog treats and CBD oil at a local show and I’m so pleased I purchased them. They have made such a difference to my nervy spaniel. Our walks and days out are much nicer as she is feeling calmer.

  22. Sue (verified owner)

    These are really helping my elderly German Shepard. I am giving her 2 a day and its made such a difference.

  23. Julie (verified owner)

    I have had your CBD dog treats for my dog as she gets anxious on car journeys but last week gave her some extra as she was restless at night with the hot weather. I think they really helped her settle. CBD is great stuff. Thank you

  24. Rachel (verified owner)

    What a difference these treats are making. I’m so pleased we were recommended these for our dog.

  25. Joanne (verified owner)

    Happy with the service and delivery!

  26. Owen (verified owner)

    Such a great product and works a treat.

  27. Kelly (verified owner)

  28. Hayley

    Our puppy is 4months old and has terrible separation anxiety. Waking at 2am and even soiling her crate when we leave her. It has taken the enjoyment out of having her. We heard about Mums love CBD and thought we would try it out. Wow, we could notice the difference after just one meaty treat. Puppy seems alot calmer and woke at 3am last night…that extra hour already feels good!! Great purchase.

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