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Our natural CBD oil is here to help you achieve the balance your body craves. With the full spectrum of cannabinoids, our premium full spectrum CBD oil is perfect for all levels of CBD-seekers, from newbies to experienced users. With three different strengths ranging from our mild 1500mg to the intense 6000mg, there’s a strength for everyone. Get ready to experience the power of plant-based CBD without any artificial ingredients!

From high quality MCT oil blended with natural pure hemp extract, all our CBD oils have been created with your wellbeing in mind. No added flavours, colourants or preservatives - just pure organic plant goodness. Additionally, our natural CBD oils are GMO and pesticide free and independently lab tested for purity and quality. Plus, the THC content is so low that it complies with UK law, so you can stay compliant while enjoying the effects of natural CBD oil.

Mums Love CBD’s natural CBD oil has a pleasant natural flavour. This makes it perfect for dropping directly under your tongue or adding it in your favourite recipes! Put worry aside and enjoy all that natural CBD oil has to offer – you can rest assured knowing that each purchase will bring you closer to restoring the essence of health in your life.


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1500mg, 3000mg, 6000mg

34 reviews for Natural CBD Oil

  1. Alan

    Having suffered for weeks with shoulder pain and sleepless nights and concerned about the amount of pain killers I was consuming I ordered the 3000mg oil, in no time I was feeling the benefits, far less pain sleeping much better and not having the worry about what the cocodamol and ibuprofen were doing to my insides. If your in pain I absolutely recommend giving it a try.

  2. Lynda

    The 1500mg has definitely helped with my hip pain, I am also sleeping much better.

  3. Rosemary

    I have swollen finger joints which can be painful. This natural oil has really helped and has the added benefit of making me sleep better too.

  4. Hannah

    The 3000mg oil has totally changed the way I sleep at night. I can’t be without it now.

  5. Spike

    Bloody awesome stuff. Well worth the investment and the best I’ve used so far.

  6. Amanda

    My first purchase using a discount so I went for the 3000mg. Its definitely helping me to sleep and my psoriasis has improved which I wasn’t expecting.

  7. Andy (verified owner)

    I was put off CBD after buying a cheaper high st brand that didn’t do much. I’m glad I went for this one my joint pain has really eased up. I feel better all round

  8. Denise (verified owner)

    I tried the gummies first and noticed that they helped reduce my pain so I now on a 3000mg oil, I am please to say I have drastically reduced my pain medication so I am thrilled.

  9. Neil (verified owner)

    This oil is incredible stuff. I suffered years not being able to sleep. I can’t be without it now.

  10. Lou (verified owner)

    I’m really feeling the benefits from using the 3000 oil and I can’t believe how long the bottle has lasted. It’s been a great investment in my health!

  11. stephen (verified owner)

    Really works for me, I had a reoccurring muscular pain in my ribs, had countless sessions with chiropractor, it would go for a bit then return.
    Used your 6000mg oil for 4 days and it has gone. That was 4 months ago, fantastic, Thank you.

  12. Olly (verified owner)

    Helpful info received from the team to make an informed choice. Delivery was fast. Quality is excellent. Very pleased.

  13. Rich (verified owner)

    I’ve been uncomfortable and unable to sleep with unbearable knee pain. I’ve been able to ditch the painkiller as the 3000mg oil has eased the pain that I’m sleeping very well. I highly recommend this oil.

  14. Rob (verified owner)

    Fantastic oil, my body feels generally lighter and less weighed down with aches and pains. My sleep has improved and I get up less during the night. I’m a happy customer!

  15. Lyn Starl (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing stuff!!
    I have arthritis & experience severe pain especially hips and knees which impacts on my mobility. Usual analgesia had little effect so following some research and using FAQ on the site I decided to try CBD oil.
    I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived and the quality of the packaging – no bubble wrap here – love it!! The oil is pleasant to take and what a difference it has made after just a few weeks use I now experience little discomfort my mobility has improved and sleep like a log at night. My life has changed I will continue to use the oil and recommend it wholeheartedly to all.

  16. Nic (verified owner)

    I have been using this for 3 weeks now to help with Migraines, it has made a huge difference to the frequency and severity of the attacks. I would highly recommend.

  17. Will (verified owner)

    I purchased a 3000mg 10 days ago and have been taking every night as advised. I cannot believe the difference in how I feel and I can’t contribute it to anything else. My pain (which is all over my body) has eased and I’ve been sleeping much better. It’s great stuff.

  18. Leanne (verified owner)

    I suffer with fibromyalgia and I feel better for having the full spectrum oil daily. My dose is 40mg a day and so far so good!

  19. Debs (verified owner)

    Wonderful stuff, highly recommend, mums love CBD have been great and the full spectrum is amazing.

  20. Stuart (verified owner)

    The oil is superb. Delivery was free and the package arrived on a tracked service which was great.

  21. Tom (verified owner)

    I’ve been really impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the 6000mg. A little goes a long way. I suffer with pain all over, just a few drops is enough to make me feel more comfortable and not have to pop so many painkillers.

  22. Sara (verified owner)

    My experience of taking natural flavoured oils has not been good. The last one I bought was awful, however, the 1500mg from the mums was really quite pleasant. Yes, it’s earthy and quite grassy but it’s not offensive. I’m really happy with my purchase and I can’t tell you how CBD has changed my life for the better

  23. Rob (verified owner)

    I have been taking CBD for 7 years now after a serious diagnosis and I contribute it to the good health I have now. The manufacturer I was using no longer trades so I took a chance and invested in the 3000mg from this company. So far I’m really pleased with the oil, the quality is good, it’s effective, the flavour is pleasant. I’m confident to recommend.

  24. Oliver (verified owner)

    I have bought the 3000mg Natural oil.

  25. George (verified owner)

    The CBD oil really helps me stay calm and focused.

  26. Charlie (verified owner)

    6000mg oil is amazing stuff

  27. Helen (verified owner)

    Amazing, I bought the oil for my dad and myself. Wow what a difference.

  28. Alison (verified owner)

    I have used the meaty treats and the oil 6000mg. Really pleased with the products and service.

  29. Rob (verified owner)

    I have been a user of CBD oil before and after having the chat with Jo I decided to go for the whole spectrum 6000mg. Now my previous oil that I used was meant to have a slight mint flavour but was disgusting and had a rather unpleasant smell whereas MUMS LOVE CBD oil was very pleasant in taste and I’ve found no problem in taking it. I will be a returning customer. They are so pleasant to talk to and your welfare comes first. One happy chappy. Thank you ladies ???

  30. Annie (verified owner)

    I am generally more comfortable and contribute this to a daily drop of oil.

  31. Kim (verified owner)

    This company has a great website with a really friendly and helpful FAQ page. They responded almost immediately to an emailed query I had. I have ordered twice from this company in the last month and my items have been dispatched the next day.

  32. Paul (verified owner)

    The CBD oil is amazing and tastes great, I’ve never slept better since taking this at night.

  33. David (verified owner)

    Nothing negative to say- only positive things

  34. David (verified owner)

    A really positive experience

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